Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sentosa FTW!

We woke up at 8 am, when we were meant to wake up at 7:30 am. So we were late. We "rushed" and went to Mama's house at 8:45 am. We showered and got ready... for Sentosa!

In my experience, Sentosa was pretty boring a few years ago. But I was pleasantly surprised. First, we went to Vivocity to eat our breakfast. Good ol' Kaya Toast and Half-boiled Eggs and Milo (for us kids). After that, we took a monorail to Imbiah station (somewhere in Sentosa island). From there, the fun started.

The luge was the first of many fun things we did in Sentosa. At first, we were anxious about what could happen. We wore our helmets and went down to the starting area. We sat in our luges, with the worker instructing us on how to brake, start and steer. Once we were done, she let us go. I went straight off, with Chloe and Debbie trailing behind me. I don't know what happen to Da Gu, but I was sure she was taking her own sweet time riding the luge. Soon as we left, Chloe and Debbie zoomed past me. And I couldn't catch up.

It was a very thrilling experience. One I cannot forget. We reached the end point and put our helmets back. Then we realised they took our pictures as we were riding down the "race"course. I looked serious while the girls looked like they were having fun. And Da Gu...

Next, the skyride! This were my emotions as we rode the skyride. Excited > In Awe > Anxious > Scared > Holding on to dear life > "Is it over"? > Relieved > Peaceful

(I'm scared of heights).

We went on the Tiger Sky Tower and caught a long glimpse of the whole of Sentosa. I also managed to see the current stage of Universal Studios Singapore. It should be done soon.

Then, we went on to try the Cinema 4D magix. And it was. The seats moved abruptly, there were "spiders" that climbed on our legs, wind blew in the back our necks and water sprayed at us in the face. The first, and probably not the last.

Onto Desperados. This was a first person shooting game. They record our score as we tried shooting the targets. First stage was practice. Second stage was the real thing. And so, we shot as many targets as we could. The best player was shown on the screen. And the worst too. Guess who? CHLOE! Her face was shown with only 1 point scored. Then, they put a donkey face on her face. HILARIOUS! Will not forget this.

Next was the Extreme Log Ride. You know those rides where everyone sit in a confined space. And the machine is moving but it feels like you are on a roller coaster. It was fun, but not that fulfilling.

Lunch at Subway! And guess what? We saw teams of Amazing race running around Sentosa. That was so cool! Watch out for the next season... Sentosa might be the pit stop for a leg of the race!

Underwater world was waiting for us after lunch. First, we went to watch the sealion show. Then we fed the stingrays and went inside the famous tunnel. What a fun experience looking at marine life.

With so much fun spent on the luge, we decided to do it again, and again. And we took the skyride again. We were actually meant to take the second (and last) skyride of the day, when a thunderstorm occured. I think we waited for 1 hr until it was safe to ride again. I think the wait was what got us tired, and that was when we went home.


Part 2 of pictures will be uploaded soon because SOMEONE NEEDS TO UPLOAD THEIR PICTURES ON FACEBOOK.

Hint: The one with braces.


Anonymous said...

Was really the American Amazing Race? Do you have pictures of the teams please? If not could you describe them please?

nicnic93 said...

Sorry. But, who are you?

Well, the first team I saw were two big guys wearing blue and the second team were a couple. The male is blonde-haired and the female is a brunette.

Anonymous said...


puddin said...

Thanks for the info nicnic! We are crazy Amazing Race fans and are talking about your sighting here. I was the one asking the questions.
Anyway we would love for you to join us here.,21193.msg503496.html#msg503496